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brainstorming with coffee

If you run your own business, never under estimate the power of a quick coffee and a chat with a friend. They may have nothing to do with your business, but that’s not a bad thing! They are probably interested in you and your success, and likewise. I’m always up for a chat about nonsense and what starts out as a quick drop in can often lead to one of the best brainstorming sessions money can’t buy.

Today, an old friend @jobakerphotography dropped in. When I need some killer photographs taking (including my recent Woman & Home article and most of the website photos) my first call will be Jo. She’s ACE at it, even though it’s not her full time job. We kicked around loads of ideas and now I’m fully inspired with a few fantastic suggestions!! Why didn’t I think of them before I say?…because I was too busy running around and not looking up!

It’s all too easy to hibernate from the rest of the world post Christmas. My suggestion is to make a date with a friend to meet. Kick around a few ideas. Get some inspiration to do something new or even do something better! If nothing else, you can put some make up on and leave the house!

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