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Candle cosies

I really do feel like I’m getting a bit obsessive about the snow ⛄️. I confess. I’m a 3 year old…looking out of the window every two minutes…is it here yet…is it here yet?!?!?! . . Now I know not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the white stuff 😳 but it creates this hibernation mechanism in me. And I’ve had SOUP for lunch today in anticipation! And sporting yet another roll neck jumper!! 😂😂 . . I’ve just put these hand-knitted Aran Candle Cosies on the website today. They’re sooo CUTE!! Available in Grey, White and Cable. I’ve tried using them as an accessory on myself (given I’m head to toe in woolly items today) and trust me, they look better on a candle! . . I’m constantly looking at all things ‘Hygge’ and these Candle Cosies tick all the boxes!! But I’ll tell you all about my Hygge obsession this weekend…I’m waiting for my snow fix first! ❄️❄️❄️

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