Egg in a jar

Having just removed a red cross for ’Lurggy lives here’ from the front door, I can confirm that, after a month of illness, the family is now back to full health 🙌👍. I don’t think we’ve ever had flu before and I can see now that it’s really REALLY different to a cold, although hubby convinced it was full blown pneumonia! Of course…😳🤣😂 It’s difficult to get motivated for Spring, particularly with the Great British weather at the moment! But here’s a little nugget of an idea for you all. If you’ve been to our stand at Christmas you’ll have seen our famous ‘Car in a Jar’! Famous because 1) They’re great! 2) Robbie & Ayda Williams bought 3 of them...I kid you not 🤩🤩🤩, namedrop...clunk!!! 😆 I always suggest that after Christmas you take the Christmassy stuff out, keep it in a box for next year, and use as a vase throughout the year. Well, no time like the present. I confess that my Car in a Jar was still on the shelf until 2 days ago 😳😳. Go forage for all things Spring/Easter related…daffodils, delicate eggs, fluffy feathers etc etc and make an ‘Egg in a Jar’ display. Et Voila! Apologies for not thinking of a more catchy title…’Spring in a Ting’…no…’s time to stop now 🤪

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