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focus on what you do well

It’s been a busy week all things told, it started with a trip to Spring Fair at the NEC for all things Christmas 2019! Can I just say right now that inspired - I was NOT! Although it was nice hanging out in sleighs all day! 😆😆 What is it with all these manufacturers? 😩😩 I know that Christmas never strays far from the typical whites, reds, golds and silvers….but please show me something WOW! 🤗 They didn’t....😐. Fear not though, it’s given me an even greater kick up the bum to design and make it all myself! 💡 At this point I’d like to point out that I wish I could also make my own clothes too, and pottery then I would be self-sufficient (anyone else looking insanely forward to the Great British Sewing Bee and Pottery Throw Down!) me then!!! 😂 I joked earlier in the year that Christmas is an ‘all year’ business and now it really is! I am literally designing baubles and sewing stockings as we speak!! . And there’s the crux of this week showed me it’s absolutely right to go back to the beginning. Trust those instincts. I know what I do well as a business…designing, making, crafting….and a huge passion for anything that’s natural and sparkles all at the same time! 💎

The message here folks is stick to what you’re good at. I’ve gone down that many rabbit holes 🐰 in the last few years trying to find ‘what works’ and I think I’ve come full circle. Because when you break it all down…things that you do really well and that you’re kinda famous for WORKS! Don’t turn your back on it, don’t stick your nose up at it, go back and really focus on doing it REALLY WELL!

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