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We all love a scented candle. It fills our world with a warm light and our hearts with aromas we treasure, we find them soothing and relaxing - the scent, the soft glimmer; we like to light them to welcome dear friends and we love to give them as a special gift.

Adore's journey into scented candles started with the aroma. I have always been drawn to a certain scent; the soul craves a certain essence of life - associating us with memories of childhood, a loved one or dreams of exotic locations and pastimes enjoyed. The scent of something indescribable is often more powerful than our visual reality, because scent has the potency to move our imagination; to place our existence, albeit for a short time, to where we long to be.

It was important to me to use natural ingredients. If I was going to get the true aroma it had to be grounded in natural essential oils. I started with Mint; for no other reason than if you asked me to describe my favourite scent it would be Mint. Memories of childhood, going out in to the garden with my Nan to pick fresh mint for dinner will stay with me for an eternity. I think of her every time I smell it. It makes me smile, it sometimes brings a tear but most of all it makes me feel blessed.

That's what lighting a candle can, what's your favourite scent? What truly makes you smile...?

I spent a long time trying to find the perfect ingredients for Adore Candles. I remember at the start of this journey being wowed by the big scented candle brands - how could I ever re-create something so amazing? But when I delved a little deeper, they were made from parrafin and synthetic fragrances - no wonder they smelt so delicious at first but burned down in 2 days!

After much research, and lots of all started with a premium quality, natural soy wax. The temperature has to be just right, not too hot, not too cold...that gives it the creamiest texture.

Next, a generous helping of natural fragrance oils. Gently stirred through ensuring every last ounce is perfectly blended with the wax. My workroom smells particularly delightful on these days!! I work closely with an artisan perfumier to get the fragrance just right - I'm forever testing new ones on friends and family...but they never complain about the free samples! I'm working on a 'calming' fragrance at the moment, but I think that's just to help me!

The molten mix is then hand-poured, individually into Adore white opaque glass, specially selected to give that perfect glow when lit. I do like clear glass for candles but I often found that after a couple of sessions, the wax didn't look very appealing - especially if it had mixed with burnt wick. The white, opaque glass received great applause so I made that my perfect candle-holder. It looks so beautiful when lit, a soft glow fills the room like a miniature flickering lantern.

Even the wicks have been tried, tested, experimented to ensure the candle doesn't burn down too quickly. Carefully selected natural, pre-waxed wicks which are delicately placed with precision into the hot wax. Helping to create the perfect melt pool for those delicious aromas to flow.

After curing for a week to allow the delicate oils to infuse, each candle is carefully checked for its smooth, creamy surface and packaged in our specially designed Adore Candle Boxes. We've kept the packaging simple on purpose - you're only going to throw it away, right?

It's taken me a long time to get the formula right, but every time I light my Fresh Basil, Mint & Orange Scented candle I know it's come from a good place - with absolute love and care.

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