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Grown up rail

Ok so I’m sorry to go slightly off piste with this one…not a single plant, flower, candle or wreath in sight! Be warned!! 🤚🏻🚦

It’s Friday, I’m a little distracted…and wondering whether it would be ok to go to the cinema this afternoon on my own before I pick the kids up?!?! AAAANYWAY….📽🎞

Have you ever put together a Grown Up Clothes Rail? A, close your eyes, no need to give it a second thought, up to date, co-ordinated rail? I got this trick from my posh Mother-in-Law, who puts together a ‘Holiday Rail’ with all her best clothes, accessories and shoes for trips away. I LOVE IT!!!!!! 😂😍 Put together all your new ’bang on trend this season’ stuff you’ve recently bought, with all the usual staples in the wardrobe (my 17 pairs of black trousers!).

Bung in a few dresses and skirts. It’s fantastic!!!!

Well worth a project this weekend! You will be liberated from the usual “huummmphhhhh’ every time you open the wardrobe doors!!! FREEDOM!!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗

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