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Happy new year

Happy New Year to everyone....I hope it’s not too late, but for very good reasons I tend to go in to hibernation until about now. This time of year is a mix of highs and lows as we make exciting new plans for the new year, but at the same time find it hard going to work and coming home in the dark, with very little daylight and fresh air in between. I heard someone say recently that to get through these next couple of months is like getting ready for a rugby tackle...get your shoulders ready, get down low and go in hard. I hope it works....that, or I’ll end up on my rear end with concussion!!!!! We’ll see.....

We dutifully took down the Christmas decorations last weekend - not sure whether I do it as a superstition or whether I like the feeling of space when that last pine needle and Cadbury roses wrapper is hoovered up. It did occur to me, while taking down all my twinkle lights, that I actually love to have them on during the day. I simply couldn’t let them go that easily. They give me that little haze of golden light to cheer me up on these grey days.

I was also inspired by a recent Instagram pic to create your own outdoor Winter Wonderland...full of fluffy blankets, sheepskin rugs, candles, lanterns, fairy lights, fire pits and all my family gathered round in a peaceful glow. The reality will probably be me, the dogs, moaning kids, slightly damp cushion pads and a hubby running in and out of the house saying he can’t find the matches!!! So here’s my little survival guide for January so far... 1. Leave the fairy lights on 2. Make a little Winter Den either outside or in a quiet part of the house 3. Make plans for the future....

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