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Hellebore heaven & Frogs

So Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Eat the Frog’ 🐸? No-one wants to eat a frog (obvs!), but if you get it out of the way nice and early in the morning you have the whole day…week…month…year to get on with the good stuff. The stuff you enjoy! My ‘frog’ is the annual accounts and I’m very much avoiding it 😝! Head in sand…blah blah blah blah. I can’t even manage a frog leg!! Every day I wake up and say ‘I must’ but then I find a million excuses why I must not….then it’s a never-ending guilt thumping day😑 Hellebores are my new obsession! I’ve been crushing on them since I saw them in a sensational Christmas arrangement for 2019! You heard it here first!! 🌿🌸🌿🍃Anyway, the Christmas Gods have been smiling on me this week and I’ve been offered a new pitch at the Spirit of Christmas Fair in November….AT THE ENTRANCE!!! Whoop-whoop!!! I’m always really wary of such a good pitch like this. Sounds amazing in theory, but then we’ll probably be hidden behind some spectacular Narnia-like exhibition of Christmas Trees so no-one can see us!! Great! 😬😳😥 Half term this week, so the kids are off. If you’re passing my house you will hear some deranged woman (me) screeching…’can you do some homework please’. With the standard response ‘….in a minute’. And infinitum but with frogs!!! Sound familiar anyone 😂😂

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