New spring fragrances

The NEW SPRING FRAGRANCES have finally arrived for trial..hurrah! I am beyond excited, even more excited than the non-existent snow that was supposed to arrive, but never did!!! I am soooo over the snow by the way….it was SO January! 😐😐😐

I’m melting, stirring, pouring and sniffing like a possessed lunatic and there’s a particular fragrance that I know is going to be a winner, before I even start. Will report back very soon! 😍🌿

On a separate note, the wintry weather did urge me to start using the frost bitten meat from the back of the freezer last week. NOTE TO SELF….try to use the ice cubes a bit quicker in future…a gin and tonic with ice and the lingering aroma of Birds Eye Fish Fingers is not a good tipple! Even after 3 of them 🍸🍸🍸….so I intend to drink more gin in future to help my freezer stock piles!! And no-one come back to me with your clever cloggs, ‘my fridge makes my ice for me’ nonsense!!! I like golden bread-crumbs floating in my gin ACTUALLY!! 🤨🤣😂🤣😂

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