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There’s nothing like a Sunday morning to gather thoughts and plan the week. Throw in a bacon sandwich and a repeat of Match of the Day (yes, I’m actually watching it now) and I don’t need to move off the sofa for a good few hours😂👍😄.

I can say with a whole dollop of certainty how my Sunday will pan out over the next few hours....I start out with great plans to clean the whole house, do a food shop, get uniforms ready, have a lengthy dog walk and catch up on some work. The reality is I’ll still be wandering round in my dressing gown (yesterday’s mascara clinging on for dear life 😆), repeated nagging of kids to do homework....with a never ending response of ‘ a minute’, followed by ‘....can I have a snack?’, me still trying to find my way to the shower at 2pm, finally ending with me scrabbling through the freezer to see if we can manage to eat the whole week without having to go shopping 🛒

Wish me luck!

Top tip for today...forget plans for a moment. Light a candle or two, take a pen and paper and jot down all the things you were proud of, achieved or did really well last year. We don’t give ourselves the credit we often deserve. We tend to do more than we think...and if we haven’t....put it down on the 2019 To Do list 😜😜😉!! Happy’ll find me on the sofa writing a list 😘

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