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We believe that your home is a special place and that your front door is the entry point which welcomes energy, abundance and opportunities.  Your front door sets a certain expectation of the world behind it.

So we set about designing and handcrafting our elegant, fresh and wonderfully scented Door Garlands to enjoy. Our natural style captures perfectly the growing trend for freshly picked from the garden, using natural, scented material with herbs and fresh garden foliage. We individually hand-craft everything we make, and with this we hold two very important things dear - abundance and scent. From the fragrance of freshly cut foliage to the delicate delights of locally grown flowers. Just imagine, every time you approach your door.


Adore Luxury Natural Soy Candles and Reed Diffusers are individually hand-poured to ensure fragrance longevity and an optimum burn.

Quality is what sets us apart.  

We individually hand-pour our products using traditional methods with careful pouring techniques, temperature controlled processes and quality ingredients.

We use on natural soya wax in our candles. Our signature home fragrances are carefully blended in collaboration with leading UK Fragrance Houses to create our unique fine fragrance oils, using 10% fragrance oil in our Luxury Soy Candles (well above the industry standard of 5-8%). Our glassware has been carefully selected to ensure light refracts beautifully around the room with discrete branding.  

Adore Reed Diffusers receive widespread acclaim for their amazing scent throw. It is important to us that you receive a quality product with fragrance longevity.

Our packaging is custom designed by us, simple yet elegant, we want you to receive a beautifully packaged product without having to bear the cost of an over engineered, elaborate box, which is unlikely to be used again.

With new collections and products throughout the year and regular creative collaborations with Fragrance Houses, Adore Fine Fragrance aims to be one of the leading artisan suppliers of luxury home fragrance products in the UK.

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