Pomegranate and Fig; brings  all your heart desires – with abundance, prosperity, fertility and ambition. It strengthens on all levels to achieve your wishes and goals.

Ripe fig with pomegranate notes and fresh, watery red fruits on a base of deep sensual woods. Contains naturals of cedarwood and patchouli.

Scent to you for:


Ambition | Positivity | Prosperity | Fertility | Strength


This lovely scent diffuser is a subtle way to softly fragrance a room all day. It comes in our 100ml round bottle with a polished silver-look collar and longer porex reeds for ultimate scent throw. Hand-poured in small batches only by us in the South East of England. Made from the highest-quality fragrance oils, with no alcohol (lasts approximately 12 months).


Use fewer reeds for a lighter, more subtle fragrance

No. 18 Pomegranate & Fig Diffuser

    • 100ml (lasts approximately 12 months)
    • H9cm x W9cm 
    • Diffusers sticks 24cm high
    • White Porex reed sticks
    • Glass vessel


    Do not allow the oil to come into contact with polished, painted or synthetic surfaces or fabrics